Web, Banners & Icons

Web design, banners, ads, icons & buttons for clients in different industries:

  • Equine (Childrider, Tiedown Saddlery, Sheryl L. Ross Photography, Pierre Cousyn Dressage, TSM Equine Therapies, Karen Lipp Dressage, Adventure Farms)
  • IT (Le Channel, Victoire, Bootstrap Institute, Picateers, Global Wireless Integrators, Flair Commerce)
  • Life Science (Alice Communications, Estee Lauder’s Online Internal Newsletter)
  • Healthcare (Sequoia Healthcare District, Healthy Schools Initiative)
  • Arts (Menlo Park Academy of Dance)
  • Mass Market Retail (Cloud Nine, Tot Talk)
  • and a few more: Etz Chayim (Religion), The Artful Heart (Hospitality), Ajasat (Communication)